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Writers’ Lab goes to the Community            

"...Serunding is a joy to watch—the personable Safiah talks animatedly to her audience throughout, interspersing her life story with equally-animated phone conversations with her fellow makcik friends." – Juliana June Rasul, The New Paper, 7 Dec 2010

"The script was artfully crafted, its warm tone sitting very well with the audience, who laughed and cried with the protagonist wholeheartedly." – Natalie Koh, The Business Times, 10 Dec 2010

"(Serunding) reflects very much the life of a typical Singapore family today. I am a Chinese Singaporean and I feel this play resonates with our Singaporean audience, Malay or not. Thank you, TheatreWorks and South East Community Development Council for this great partnership in bringing local arts to the heartland for our enjoyment." – Julia Ong, a South East District resident, in her letter to The Straits Times Forum, 11 Dec 2010




A Community Project in partnership with the South East Community Development Council

Directed by Lim Yu-Beng
Performed by Aidli Mosbit
Written by Ahmad Musta’ain Bin Khamis

Winner of the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2010 (Open Category), this one-woman play stirs to life the voice of Safiah like a perfect dish of serunding. A Malay homemaker, Safiah’s belief as a devout Muslim and parental expectations fall into conflict with her children; she also suffers tedious ties with her mother-in-law ‘Sofea Jane’. Told through humour, food and many phone calls, Serunding draws us to the heart and pain of a mother’s love. A spicy sweet expression of the Singapore family caught at the centre of cultural values and modern living. Performed in English.

About the Community Project
This Community Project, in partnership with the South East Community Development Council (CDC) is a series of presentations held in various locations across the South East District. It hopes to create a unique theatrical experience for the community by developing and showcasing new writing from the Writers’ Lab.
Serunding emerged as a winner from the Writers’ Lab’s annual 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2010 (Open Category), held as part of the South East District Arts Festival 2010. The competition, in its 13th year, gives budding talents and veterans a chance to showcase their abilities and have their script presented by experienced and established artists.
The Writers’ Lab is the longest-running developmental programme for playwrights in Singapore. Since 1990, it has attracted participation of the local writing community with illustrious alumni. The Lab provides a hotbed for new Singapore plays and cultivates writers commenting on the social conditions in Singapore. Through readings and community presentations, the Lab provides writers a platform for their works to be showcased; while at the same time, allows audiences to experience and be enriched with a new piece of writing.

Event Details
4 & 5 Dec 2010, Sat & Sun, 3pm
Performance Centre, Mountbatten Community Club - 35 Jalan Satu

12 Dec 2010, Sun, 2pm
Level 1, Bedok Public Library – 21 Bedok North Street 1

19 Dec 2010, Sun, 10:15am
Multi-Purpose Hall, Changi Simei Community Club (by invitation only)

8 Jan 2011, Sat, 7:30pm
Multi-Purpose Hall, Siglap South Community Centre - 6 Palm Road

14 Jan 2011, Fri, 8pm & 15 Jan 2011, Sat, 3pm
Theatrette, Marine Parade Community Club - 278 Marine Parade Road

29 Jan 2011, Sat, 3pm
Multi-Purpose Hall, Geylang Serai Community Club - 99 Haig Road

30 Jan 2011, Sun, 5pm
Multi-Purpose Hall, Changi Simei Community Club - 10 Simei Street 2

Please call 6737-7213 or email us at to register your attendance.

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