24-Hour Playwriting Competition - 2015

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Winners Judges's Comments / Notes  

Notes from the Judging Panel

Reading the entries has been a most gratifying experience for me. The scripts addressed many pertinent concerns through a rich variety of creative strategies. If writing is the lifeblood of theatre, then the vast scope of imagination presented by the entries assures us that Singapore English language theatre continues to pulsate with vigour and energy. For me, the crucial task ahead of us is to ensure that these gifted writers are given the resources they deserve to continue to hone their skills and to bring their imaginative worlds alive on the stage.

- Dr Jeffery Tan


The first play you write will say as much about you as the last play you'll write. So write to hone your very own expressiveness.  Create with the expansiveness of your imagination. The more imaginative your writing, the more others will be drawn to it, and will want to meet with it, with their own imagination. When you write for the theatre, you build these wonderful relationships with actors, directors and audiences. It's a journey filled with endless possibilities. Writing is a wonderful craft to have and to hone. It's also very difficult. The beauty is working through it with dedication and passion and then, when the work is done, a piece of you goes out into the world, and that's special, and worth every minute of hard work and hard imagination you put into it.

- Natalie Hennedige 



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