24-Hour Playwriting Competition - 2014

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Notes from the Judging Panel

The challenges of writing a good play are complex and several. In particular the notion of a play as incomplete until it is staged, and thus the text as suggestive rather than definitive, is crucial to bear in mind for the writer. In this competition many writers have tried to engage with this demand, but only a few appear to have found the necessary links and translations that result in a well-written, imaginative and provocative script. This includes writing dialogue that is dynamic for the stage, concretising ideas that will translate effectively into action, and envisioning the stage to enhance the action intended. The work of a writer is thus intricate in putting together details that will give a particular flavour to the work, as well as expansive in giving life to large philosophical ideas. Although these are tough demands, the process should also be enjoyable and invigorating… producing a sense of pleasure in working with ideas and playing with possibilities on the page.

- Charlene Rajendran


Keep writing. Read more, not just other plays but about other art forms too. Watch more. Take a keen interest in all genres and cross-genres in performance, music, film, visual arts, dance. Look at how artists across genres express and 'write'. It will help you to gain different perspective as you continue to write.

When you create as a writer, be yourself and write what you care about.

Theatre is highly collaborative. Directors and performers will respond to your creation and it will take a different shape often from what you imagine. Put all you've got on your part and then be ready to let go. It is wonderful when you find the right collaborators, people you trust and respect, who have the same trust and respect for you. Then the work becomes exciting.

You have a voice, it takes time sometimes to find it and honing it is a life time's work and a combination of discipline and passion is necessary.

- Natalie Hennedige


Success is finishing a complete script in 24 hours. If you did that, you've succeeded -- at the first step. What I found very interesting was so many entries read like incipient movie screenplays and novels. That's not a problem, in fact I hope the writers take the next step of completing the pieces started here, whether as plays, novels or screenplays. If just one piece started at the 24-hour playwriting competition comes full cycle to a production its writer is proud of then this year's competition will also have succeeded.

- Ovidia Yu


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