The Roundest Circle

Information A Lecture on Contemporary Dance Work-in-Progress In Conversation with Eng Kai Er

The Roundest Circle
By Eng Kai Er in collaboration with Faye Lim and Felicia Lim

Three dance artists are at a crossroads in their rehearsal process.  They are each unwilling to make decisions on behalf of the group and are adamant on consensus making.  Yet these three amiable women express their individual preferences in rehearsals.  Through the power of persuasion, facilitation and coy-ness they employ subtle strategies to communicate what they want. 

Is all this possible? Can they find enough common ground so that what the group wants is also what each individual wants?

Come witness TheatreWorks’ Associate artist Eng Kai Er and her two collaborators Faye Lim and Felicia Lim, translate their shared knowledge into a unified performance. The work is rooted in their practice of dance improvisation and driven by curiosity, collaboration, and contestation of ideas.

Kai Er, Faye and Felicia are at the halfway point of their project due for presentation in July. In this April work-in-progress showing, see what they have been exploring from January to April! And in the post-performance dialogue, tell them what you think!

Performance Details:

21 & 22 April 2017
72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007

Approximately 40 minutes.
There will be a post-show discussion after the performance

By invitation only. Please email or call 6737-7213 (Ezzat) to request for an invitation.


TheatreWorks believes that it is crucial that it extends support to independent artists like Eng Kai Er, Faye Lim & Felicia Lim as independent art practice is the very embodiment of the notion that art is never any “one” thing and the independent scene is able to generate and sustain the vital creativity in the Singapore arts ecosystem. Equally important is that artists should be given an opportunity to consider their practice, develop a new idea or a new way of working. The impact of a period of research & development on an artist’s future work can be significant. An appropriate research and development phase can be the first step in making a great idea happen.


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