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+28 October 2005
Roots, Re-Invention & Continuity in Changing Times
Between Tradition & Contemporary Concerns: The Re-making of a Marionette Troupe
This DVD features the traditional stringed puppets of Burma (Myanmar). It documents the journeys undertaken by a modern day puppet troupe in ensuring the survival and relevance of the artform in a rapidly changing Burma (Myanmar). [more...]

+05 April 2005
Artist Salon:  Process and Product
Ong Keng Sen in Morishita Studios
Ong Keng Sen is the first international artist-in-residence of Saison Foundation at the morishita studios.  During his residency, he will conduct two public talks about his process and in particular focus on his new productions in europe, asia and australia which has involved japanese collaborating artists. [more...]

+29 December 2004
Top 10 arts events of 2004
THIS year was a mixed one for the arts, with quiet revolutions in the
support structure sitting alongside further cuts in direct grants to arts
groups and more competition for audiences. [more...]

+13 December 2004
Artist on a global stage
VISIONARY and Implementer. Unusually, he combines elements of both, which makes Ong Keng Sen, artistic director of TheatreWorks for the last 17 years, one of the smartest players on the arts chessboard. [more...]

+11 November 2004
Theatreworks’ Artistic Director, Ong Keng Sen has been commissioned the second time round by the Vienna Schauspielhaus to create a new work. Presently in Vienna, Keng Sen’s new work, CHINOISERIE, will premiere in Vienna on 19 November 2004. Based on the Japanese novel, The Makioka Sisters by Junichiro Tanizaki, four European women play out the story of the Makioka Sisters, a nostalgic recreation of the sumptuous, intricate upper-class life of Japan, following the Second World War. Through its full-life and precise portraits of four sisters, their daily lives, their relationships with each other, CHINOISERIE is a rememberance of a lost time. Reminiscent of Chekov’s ‘Three Sisters’, the Makioka sisters are heroines setting out for the new world.

Visit the Schauspielhaus website :

+11 November 2004
In the October 25 issue of Newsweek, artistic director, Ong Keng Sen, was interviewed for his views on Singapore’s endeavours to send some of its top artists out into the world as high-profile cultural ambassadors. Besides directing a new work, CHINOISERIE, Keng Sen will be curate for the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London, in February 2005.

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+14 August 2004
Insomnia48 is a non-stop 48 hour event of performance, clubbing, music, happenings, videos, installations, ateliers, workshops and social interactions. The audience is invited to join the completely free event (there are no catches!) from friday 8 pm to sunday 8 pm.

+16 July 2004
TheatreWorks is having another brand new production entitled Ma: Moment in August 2004. This new production talks about a woman who desires to be a mother, another who desires for a mother and one who is a mother. Stories of a woman’s hidden desires and memories are told through a series of five intimate episodes. Share her in her longings as she crosses between time and space and between dreams and reality.

+6 July 2004
Producing plays that will interest directors and theatre companies is important to many playwrights. However, no one seems to know what constitute of such a play. The upcoming panel discussion on 17 July 2004 organized by TheatreWorks Writers’ Lab will help to provide some insights into this area. Entitled “Directors to Playwrights: Writing For The Singapore Stage”, the forum is an event that all aspiring playwrights should not missed.

+24 June 2004
The world premiere of Sandakan Threnody in Singapore ended last week, receiving positive response from the various organizations and individuals that watched it. In September and October this year, Sandakan Threnody will continue its international tour to Brisbane and Melbourne as commissions of the Energex Brisbane Festival and the Melbourne International Arts Festival.

+15 June 2004
Singapore Young Dramatist Award is here again! It is the only nation-wide competition that provides a platform for young playwrights and recognizes schools’ contribution in inculcating a love for arts. If you are 21 years old and below and have a flair for writing plays, do sign up fast for this competition. Submission dateline is 31 August 2004.

+10 May 2004
The 24-Hour Playwriting Competition organized by TheatreWorks from 24 April to 25 April 2004 at Angsana Resort and Spa Bintan achieved great success. Altogether, more than 70 participants took part in the competition that spanned over 24 hours. The competition is currently at its judging phase. Results will be announced in October 2004.

+28 March 2004
60's Talentime meets Pop Idol! Catch the new TheatreWorks production Shanty: Follow That Dream. It celebrates the dreams, naivety, passion and youthful energy of four dreamers from different backgrounds, in their quest for fame and stardom! Come chart the trials and tribulations that await these four young hopefuls as they embark on a bittersweet journey of self-realisation!

+30 January 2004
In its 20th year, tworks reveals its plans to move into its new home at Robertson Quay called the icaa. Also revealed, both its 2004 Singapore and International season.

+25 January 2004
TheatreWorks is putting up a brand new romantic comedy Marriage of Inconvenience. This production features a witty script that mirrors society’s prejudice and hypocrisy. Written by playwright Ng Swee San, this new play was developed from the 2002 Hearing Voices programme, part of the Writers’ Lab programme.

+22 January 2004
For 2 nights only, allow love’s bondage to consume you with tantalizing musical items, provocative moves and sensual games! Love Fetish @ Rouge is one of TheatreWorks’ fund raising events for this year. Featuring local personalities Amy Cheng, Corrine Adrienne, Koh Chieng Mun, Lim Yu-beng, Juwanda Hassim, Gani Abdul Karim, Harris Zaidi and many more, this event guarantees you a night of cheeky fun, love and indulgence that you will never forget!


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