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+05 April 2005
Artist Salon:  Process and Product
Ong Keng Sen in Morishita Studios

Ong Keng Sen is the first international artist-in-residence of Saison Foundation at the morishita studios.  During his residency, he will conduct two public talks about his process and in particular focus on his new productions in europe, asia and australia which has involved japanese collaborating artists.  In his time here he will also invite and hold intimate discussions with artists, policy makers, curators, critics, producers, arts workers from different disciplines.  He will use the Morishita Studios to develop and research two new works which will premiere in Paris in the Center National Dance and in the Lincoln Center Summer Festival in New York City 2006.

Public Talks:
I    16 April 2005, 3 pm, Morishita Studios
A detailed journey into the process of The Flying Circus Project and its developments through 10 years.  
The Flying Circus Project is a laboratory project which was established in 1995 by Ong Keng Sen, Artistic Director of TheatreWorks Singapore. The Flying Circus Project (FCP) is a major programme exploring cultural negotiation, process and collaboration in art practice.  This inter-disciplinary, long-term research and the development programme in theatre, dance, music, visual arts, film and ritual has continued with laboratories consisting of classes, workshops, seminars, perforamnces, exhibitions, screenings and demonstrations.  It looks at the different creative strategies of individual artists, both traditional and contemporary, through the recognition of differences between cultures. The development of artists in external form, internal landscape, intellectual muscularity and politicization are major pillars of FCP.  Different editions have had different themes such as the fourth edition explorations of the global and the local in 2003.  The fifth edition in 2004 included many visual, literary artists and philosophers; for the first time it involved major contemporary artists from europe and the arab world.  The Flying Circus has gone through many different transformations in different countries around the world.  Keng Sen will highlight the version in Amsterdam at Dasarts.  In July this year, he will make another version for The Kitchen's Summer Institute in New York City supported by Asian Cultural Council.

In the second half of the session, Keng Sen has invited Kota Yamazaki to join him to dance and talk about their collaborations in "Search:Hamlet" (2002, Kronburg Castle Denmark, Copenhagen) and in "Sandakan Threnody" (2004, Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore).  "Sandakan Threnody" also involved a collaboration with nihon buyoh master Gojo Masanosuke.   

II    23 April 2005, 3 pm, Morishita Studios
'in memory of Kishida Rio'
Ong Keng Sen will look at his past productions such as his Asian Shakespeare Trilogy which began with Japan Foundation Asia Center's "Lear".  Many of these productions have not been seen in Japan despite having been shown in Berlin, Zurich, Vienna, Rotterdam, Budapest, London, Phnom Penh and the USA.    
Keng Sen will highlight his consistent collaboration with Toru Yamanaka (Dumb Type) through "The Global Soul:The Buddha Project" (2003 - 2005).  He will also touch shortly on his cambodian docuperformance "The Continuum: Beyond The Killing Fields" (2001 - 2005) with music composed by another Japanese musician Yutaka Fukuoka (Yen).

In particular, Keng Sen will be joined by Japanese collaborator-artists to discuss his latest new work "Chinoiserie" (2204) in Vienna.  Loosely inspired by Tanizaki's Sasameyuki or The Makioka Sisters, Keng Sen has invited Minako Nishiyama (visual arts installation), Toru Yamanaka (dj) and Koji Hamai (costume designer) to talk about their individual work in the collaboration.

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