Flying Circus Project 2007 : Travelogue

Information Singapore Programme Ho Chi Minh Programme
Information Singapore Programme Ho Chi Minh Programme Ho Chi Minh Programme

BreathingisFree: 12,756.3
A running project for global refugee crisis by Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba

"It is my reflection and offering to the refugees whose lives are to
run or to perish. And this is what I see as the desire of refugees
running away from their circumstances; they want to be on the
‘other side’ instead."

An ongoing project to last approximately 6 years (with the current running pace of the
artist), Breathing is Free: 12,756.3 is the most recent episode of the “Memorial Project” se-
ries, where Nguyen-Hatsushiba attempts to run the distance of 12,756.3 km (the diameter of the earth),
the shortest distance to the other side of the planet. The total distance will accumulate
as he runs through cities of various countries.

The project was started in spring 2007 in Geneva where historically many peace talks
are held. However there are still overwhelming number of displaced individuals in
many places of the world. The crisis seems to continue to escalate. As the project con-
tinues, we can expect to see the artist excavating many chapters buried in the histories of
places and people.

The Singapore run is funded by Theatreworks The Flying Circus Project 2007

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