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Grey Matters
Performance Tour to Schools

For many years, TheatreWorks has presented works on a variety of social issues to the community. We continue to do so, with a Theatre-in-Education programme, Grey Matters, a programme exploring the issues of stress and how it affects students’ mental wellness.

Students face an ever-increasing amount of pressures from school, family and friends. We are tackling perceptions that ‘young people do not go through stress’ and misconceptions that ‘people who go for counseling are crazy’. Grey Matters aims to better prepare and equip students with the ability to cope in periods of increased stress through a three-pronged approach:

  • A performance – allowing students easy access to the subject matter;
  • A post-show dialogue to open up a platform for discussion and provide self-care tips to manage stress;
  • An activity pack, allowing teachers the opportunity to delve deeper into stress management, giving students a chance to practice these stress management techniques firsthand.


  • To raise awareness of mental well-being
  • To raise awareness about social issues people who struggle with mental health face
  • To provide a safe platform for audience to discuss and reflect on mental wellness
  • To identify ways to cope with stress and places to seek assistance

This programme works in line with the Ministry of Education’s Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) syllabus of developing social emotional competencies, in particular to these learning outcomes:

  • Acquire self-awareness and applying self-management skills to achieve personal well-being and effectiveness.
  • Act with integrity and make responsible decisions that uphold moral principles. 
  • Acquire   social   awareness   and   apply   interpersonal   skills   to   build   and   maintain positive relationships based on mutual respect.  
  • Be resilient and have the ability to turn challenges into opportunities.


Grey Matters traces the journey of Damien, who faces the stresses of adjusting to major changes in his life, such as preparing for a national exam, fulfilling his leadership role in his CCAs and living up to the expectations of his family, friends and teachers. Damien neglects his mental health, and when it all becomes too much, he opens a mental first aid kit that he finds under his table. 

While we are familiar with physical illnesses and injuries, we often forget that our mental health needs to be taken care of as well. Grey Matters hopes to provide coping strategies not only for periods of intense stress, but also as we go about our daily lives. After all, our grey matter matters.

Programme Flow:
Performance: 30 min
Post-Show Segment: 15 min

School’s presented at in January 2019:

  • Bedok South Secondary School
  • Bedok View Secondary School
  • Chankat Changi Secondary School
  • Chung Cheng High School
  • Madrasah Al-Ma’arif Al-Islamiah
  • St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School
  • St Gabriel’s Secondary School
  • Victoria School
  • Zhong Hua Secondary School

Written & directed by Thomas Lim
January 2019 run was performed  by Aaron Cheng, Fiona Lim, Tan Rui Shan & Zulfiqar


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