1. The Theatreworks Circle (hereinafter called TWC) card is issued by and remains the property of TheatreWorks (Singapore) Ltd.
  2. All memberships are valid for a year upon the date of joining.
  3. Processing will take 2-4 weeks.
  4. TheatreWorks reserves the right to decline issue of a new card and to withdraw any existing card at anytime.
  5. In order to receive the benefits and prvileges, the TWC card must be present before any transaction. Failure to do so wil render certain loss of member benefits and privileges.
  6. Members are responsible for informing TheatreWorks when the TWC card is lost, stolen. or if there's a change in personal particulars. If this is not done, TheatreWorks will not be accountable for any consequence and any loss of benefits or privileges.
  7. An adminstrative chatge of $5 is payable for the replacement of any card in the event of loss or theft (this must be substantiated with a police report).
  8. TheatreWorks reserves the right to alter and amend any of the terms and conditions of the TWC programme, or to terminate it anytime without prior notice.
  9. Fundraising productions and productions that are jointly produced are not open to TWC privileges.

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