1. Big Mama Loves You starring Gani Abdul Karim, Karen Tan and Lou Maningas. 3 Big Mamas battling it out in 1 sexy song. Who will emerge as THE real Big Mama? You get to decide. Hoot, catcall, cheer or jeer, the ruckus you generate will separate the riff-raff wannabes from the real deal. And Big Mama will show you some of her nasty lovin’!

2. Pussy Foot starring Koh Chieng Mun better known as Dolly from Under One Roof and Rhonda from Living With Lydia (currently moonlighting as Phyllis Wong in TheatreWorks’ Marriage of Inconvenience) will thrill you with a sensual love song while receiving the mother of all foot reflexology massages. Pain or pleasure? Maybe both. Let her orgasmic screams power up your pleasure principle.

3. Gigolos @ Work starring Gani Abdul Karim, Juwanda Hassim, Bart Guingona will give a classy rendition of Cole Porter’s gigolo medley. NOT! These boys will spice it up and make it all naughty to get you boys and girls all hot under the collar. Get ready to work and sweat loads as they tease you, please you and shake their booty right at you.

4. I’m your Bond baby starring Chua En Lai as the dashing James-I’m-your-Hero-baby-Bond giving Mariah Carey a run for her boobies as he turns his boyish charm on the ladies with his private version of Ms. Carey’s Hero. Let those juices flow to the velvet touch of his Baritone-bass and rescue you from the mundanity of looking for love in the wrong places. Mr. Bond is in the house and he is set to rock your world.

5. Cum What May starring Lim Yu Beng and Gloria Sicam as a not-so-young couple getting frisky at bedtime. Belting out Elton John’s Come What May (as heard in Moulin Rouge courtesy of Ewen Mcgregor and Nicole Kidman), this loving couple will demonstrate that age is no barrier to getting hot and heavy. Watch out you young punks!

6. Britney Loves Madonna starring Harris Zaidi (as a very butch Britney?) and Gani Abdul Karim (as a beefed up Madonna). Come on, out with it. You’ve always thought that Britney must have a thing for Madonna, and vice versa, what with all the lovin’ those two have been up to these days. We are going to set the record straight (and/or gay) with our own take on the two hottest pop icons. In a medley of 4 Britney songs, you will see them come out and proud that love does exist for the stars.



A special auction of your favourite stars to spend 5 mins with you and they each come with a special private act. In that 5 mins they are your personal love slave. Get naughty, get raunchy, don’t let anything hold you back. They are yours to play with. Start bidding now!

Our stable includes: Corinne Adrienne, Micheas Chan, Amy Cheng, Chua En Lai, Brendon Fernandez, Gani, Juwanda Hassim, Koh Chieng Mun, Lee Weng Kee, Lim Yu-beng, Karen Tan, Harris Zaidi, and many more to cater to a variety of tastes.


A variety of booths to satisfy your love fetishes and desires.

• body shots + ice cream licks. Ever fancied taking a Tequila shot off someone’s well-toned abs. Well @ $10 per pop you can. For the non-alcoholics, we offer the ice-cream version. Warning: It can get messy.

• head orgasm. Want a head massage that will tingle your nether regions? Our well-equipped therapists will be making their rounds to provide you with the best head jobs. Look out for the French maid and her scary looking contraption.

• foot fetish. Need a pair of golden hands to ease your tension before you get lucky tonight? Then give your feet to our reflexology specialist for 15mins to ensure you hit the big O.

• love fortune. Clueless on your love life and needing some advice? Head over to guru Loon for some one-on-one love council and readings. Warning: We will not be responsible any love-spats and break-ups. Apply advice at your own risk.


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