Conceived and directed by Lok Meng Chue
In collaboration with Low Kee Hong
Written by Robin Loon
Inspired by “Call it Shanty!” the story of The Quests by Henry Chua

“In every life there comes a time when that dream you dream becomes a reality… even if it be for a brief passing.”

60's Talentime meets Pop Idol! Catch the new tWorks production that celebrates the dreams, naivety, passion and youthful energy of four dreamers from different backgrounds, in their quest for fame and stardom! Come chart the trials and tribulations that await these four young hopefuls as they embark on a bitter-sweet journey of self-realisation!

Starring Chua Enlai (Best Actor for Life! Theatre Awards 2002), Joe Pang (One of CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2001) and introducing fresh new faces Ravi Raaj Marimootoo (One of CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2004) and Chim Kah Cheong (Watch this Space!).

Also featuring Harris Zaidi (TV Most Eligible Bachelor) as your dream master.

“As a person I am nothing. I have nothing and if I continue the way that I am, I will be nothing. But if I’m in a band, I can be something. I am part of something – something bigger than me and maybe something better. I need to be in a band. I need you guys to help me be something.” Boon, age 19, drifter

“Elvis has a widow mother, I have a widow mother. Elvis lived in a small town, I live in a small town. Elvis was a good Christian boy, I … ok. But two out of three isn’t bad, so why can’t I be as big as Elvis?” – Bobby, age 17, vacuum-cleaner salesman


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