i am alive.


pulse. is a viceral experience of the lives of urban women through stories, fantasies, journals, secret diaries and the science of bio-medical technology. By employing leading technologies in cardiovascular monitoring systems as part of the aesthetic and technical design of the show, the production signals a new genre of theatre work that seeks to redefine the bounds between science, art and 'live' performance.

pulse. tempts irony. While searching for a palpable existence, the girls discover their sense of dislocation in their own country. They confront their misplaced 'selves' while being most at home being on the move. Yes, they miss the familiarity of routine, the smell of their husbands, their families, their faourite hawker dish, their friends, but they never ache for the city they remember as 'home'.

pulse. will seduce audiences into these intimate journeys of confessions, revelations and unspeakable desires. They will be lulled into a voyeuristic pleasure to confront desires of their own. Like peep show patrons consuming 'live' performers stripping themselves bare, they confront their own states of loneliness, emptiness and unfulfilled wishes, wondering 'what if'.

pulse. VERSIONTM theatre will have 3 versions - Like listening to a record at different speed cycles, the different versions of the performance will be coloured by a different pulse rate. Whether fast, slow or moderate, the stories, secrets and fantasies of urban women will be revealed through very different visceral experiences. Pick a pulse rate that appeals to you or one that seem to represent your lifestyle, or all 3 to get the full range of experiences.

This play contains scenes which some members of the audience may deem objectionable.



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