The Black Box + Fort Canning Courtyard. 10.30pm onwards. Tickets at $10 and $5 (for those with ticket stubs to pulse.VERSIONTM theatre) available at the door.

Jazzkammer will play 2 sets each night. One as Jazzkammer and another a solo set featuring Lasse Marhaug and John Hegre. Jazzkammer will also be giving a talk to students on their brand of noise music on 25 April 4pm at The Black Box, TheatreWorks (Singapore) Ltd.

Jazzkammer is Lasse Marhaug + John Hegre.

The Norwegians have since 1998 produced their own brand of northern electronica glitch lowercase noise music under the name Jazzkammer. The duo combines everything from location recordings and sine waves to turntabelism and guitar freak-outs in their music. Not caring much for the limited world of melody or rhythm, the Jazzkammer experience is all about texture, pulse and timbres.

"...liberated sound this well crafted requires no further explanation" (Julian Cowley, THEWIRE)

"...oddly exhilerating"(NME)

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