Conceived & directed
by Ong Keng Sen

Lim Tzay Chuen
Lim Tzay Chuen designs and constructs 'alterations', 'gaps' or 'delays' that affect the status quo of our behaviours and perceptions; he produces interventions that are typically 'discovered' rather than 'exhibited'. Lim's works are the result of an intricate but collaborative venture with specific organisations. In the past Lim sometimes described his work as trying to get institutions to 'entertain the possible'; he now talks about offering 'creative solutions' to 'possible problems'.

Theatre Training & Research Programme
A 3-year, full time professional actor-training programme which immerses students in 4 Asian Classical Theatre systems while also using modern actor training techniques from the West. Informed by the unique experience of Contemporary Theatre in Singapore from 1965, and inspired by the artistic vision of the late Kuo Pao Kun, this multicutural programme aspires to nurture highly-skilled, technically adapt, critically aware, socially engaged and artistically autonomous actors, capable of contributing imaginatively to the theatre making process.

Ong Keng Sen
Artistic director of TheatreWorks, Keng Sen's last production "The Global Soul" has just completed performances in Berlin, Singapore, Zurich and Rotterdam. He has been the artistic director of an international arts festival, In-Transit, at the House of World Cultures, Berlin for 2002 & 2003. Keng Sen has just been conferred three awards in succession, including the prestigious Cultural Medallion. He is the first artist to have been received both the Young Artist Award (1992) and the Cultural Medallion (2003).


A graduation project of the pioneer class of the Theatre Training Research Programme


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