Friends’ Season

Evolution is at the heart of TheatreWorks, one of Singapore’s longest running theatre company. For its landmark 25th year, it celebrates the ties that have shaped its journey so far in the Friends’ Season – Tenderness For The Future.

On from 8th April to 1st May at 72-13, it kicks off with the Opening Exhibition. A video installation tracing the artistic evolution of this pioneering company to its present position as an incubator as an incubator and platform for inter-disciplinary artists who negotiate artistic boundaries. Through the season, there will be three photo exhibitions which will evoke the spirit of the company’s expansive experience.

The season continues with two international productions – Memory by the Beijing renown artistic pair, choreographer Wen Hui and documentary filmmaker Wu Wen Guang, remembers the Cultural Revolution and Miss Very Wagner by ingenious Swedish performer Charlotte Engelkes who lives Wagner heroines – which reflect the threads of connectivity TheatreWorks maintains with the international art world.

It will round off on a note close to home. Artistic Director Ong Keng Sen shares a work-in-progress tentatively titled The Red Ballerina, a documentary performance based on the life of living legend Madam Goh Lay Kuan, a pioneer dance artist, a Cultural Medallion recipient, and the wife of late theatre doyen Kuo Pao Kun.

Since 1985, 2500 friends has collaborated with TheatreWorks in the fields of production, technical, design and performance.  This startling discovery prompted the idea of this season, what’s left after art, hard work, blood, sweat and tears?  Friends and Tenderness. 

Event Information

Opening Exhibition
Date: 9 April – 11 April 2010
Time: 12pm – 10pm
Admission: Free

Photography Exhibition (changing every week)

Date: 15 April – 17 April 2010 (A New Order)
Date: 22 April – 24 April 2010 (Time Capsule)
Date: 29 April – 1 May 2010 (Excavation)
Time: 12pm – 10pm
Admission: Free

Living Dance Studio

Date: 16 & 18 April 2010
Time: 8pm
Admission: $25

Miss Very Wagner
Charlotte Engelkes

Date: 23 & 24 April 2010
Time: 8pm
Admission: $25

The Red Ballerina (a working title)
Ong Keng Sen / TheatreWorks

Date: 29 April, 30 April, 1 May 2010
Time: 8pm
Admission: Free (please call / email to register as there are limited seats available)

Venue: 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 239007

Please call 6737-7213 or email to purchase tickets or register your attendance.

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