Friendsí Season
Miss Very Wagner

Miss Very Wagner
Charlotte Engelkes

A Swedish performance artist.
A dead German composer.
An explosive collision between opera and performance art.

In an extravagant one-woman show, Charlotte Engelkes takes on the heroines from the operas of Richard Wagner. A playful experiment with monumental myths, she investigates love, war, heaven and earth in a humourous collage of song, text and dance.

This international production by Charlotte Engelkes, a frequent collaborator with TheatreWorks, is presented as part of the company’s 25th year, The Friends’ Season – Tenderness For The Future. Miss Very Wagner, an interdisciplinary work, reflects the creative dexterity, epic individuality and fiery independence of contemporary performance which TheatreWorks values.

Engelkes first collaborated with TheatreWorks in 2002, Search Hamlet in Kronburg Castle (Hamlet’s Castle), Denmark. In the decade long friendship, she collaborated again and again with the company, in 2003 with The Global Soul and in 2008 with Vivien and the Shadows, touring from Budapest to North Carolina USA.

Engelkes’ reflections on female experiences in the borderland between adaptability and liberation are a mixture of poetic earnest and mischievous ingenuity that takes one’s breath away. This performance will become legendary.”

- Svenska dagbladet

Immense love of opera and common sense is an unexpected combination, but is true of Charlotte Engelkes. It hits a serious point and something is told about life, death and love in spite of the hockey helmet on Brunhilde´s head. Or because of it.”

- Expressen

Charlotte Engelkes gives opera a leap forward. For being a performance about dying women, Miss Very Wagner is an incredibly funny story. Engelkes is clearly in her very best and most exhilarating mood when dealing with The Great Manly Art.” 

- Dagens Nyheter

Event Information
Date: 23 & 24 April 2010
Time: 8pm Admission: $25

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