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+ TheatreWorks WRITERS’ LAB Responds to Straits Times LIFE! Article “Local theatre groups nurture fledgling playwrights with masterclasses”

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+ Choregraphy: Designing Space and Time
11 July 2017 at 72-13

In conjunction with TheatreWorks Associate Artist, Eng Kai Er's 'The Roundest Circle' performance in late July, join Lee Mun Wai in this inspiring talk on contemporary dance! Using the fundamentals of dance making and choreography – designing/ordering/arranging bodies in space and time – Mun Wai will discuss Kai’s choreographic process and the process behind the work she is presenting at TheatreWorks. This talk will also discuss how Kai is using the choreographic process to talk about herself and her environment.

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+ Dramatised Readings 2017
3 June 2017 at 72-13

TheatreWorks is presenting three brand new writings from emerging playwrights Beverly Wee, Isaac Lim and Tan Mae Shen at 72-13 on 3rd June. These three writers started their writing journey with TheatreWorks’ Writing from the Heart programme - a 6-day playwriting workshop followed by a year-long mentorship with renowned playwright Tony Perez.

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+ Writing from the Heart playwriting workshop 2017
29 May – 4 June 2017 at 72-13

TheatreWorks presents the fifth edition of the Writing from the Heart playwriting workshop. Conducted over six sessions by Tony Perez, renowned playwright and novelist from the Philippines, these workshops comprises a series of interactive hands-on exercises designed to enable participants to discover their inner self and creativity in exploring the basics of playwriting.

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+ Off Kilter Work-in-Progress
4 – 5 May 2017 at 72-13

Co-produced by Tron Theatre and TheatreWorks (Singapore)

TheatreWorks is proud to present the work-in-progress of Off Kilter at its home 72-13. Created by award-winning actor and master of physical theatre Ramesh Meyyappan, Off Kilter is a dark, comedic, highly physical, visual theatre production, incorporating masterful non-verbal storytelling. Come be a part of the process and offer the artist your feedback and thoughts!


+ The Roundest Circle Work-in-Progress
21 – 22 April 2017 at 72-13

By TheatreWorks’ Associate Artist Eng Kai Er in collaboration with Faye Lim and Felicia Lim

Kai Er, Faye and Felicia are at the halfway point of their project due for presentation in July. In this April work-in-progress showing, see what they have been exploring from January to April! And in the post-performance dialogue, tell them what you think!

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+ TheatreWorks’ new programme Grey Matters

A new TheatreWorks' Writers' Laboratory Writing & Community Programme in partnership with the South East Community Development Council.

This performance is a new specially tailored pilot programme for schools exploring the issue of stress and how it affects students’ mental health. Tackling perceptions that ‘young people do not go through stress’ and misconceptions that ‘people who go for counselling are crazy’ - Grey Matters aims to better prepare and equip students with the ability to cope with increasing amount of stress.

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+ TheatreWorks presents Performance Tour 2017 with Mixed
A TheatreWorks Writers’ Laboratory Community Project in partnership with the South East Community Development Council

TheatreWorks’ annual performance tour to the South East District is back with Mixed! Written by Raemae Kok, Mixed is the winning script for the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition (Youth Category). Join us as it tours various locations in the South East District from 25 February 2017 to 19 March 2017.

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