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Artistic Director ONG Keng Sen hosts talk show in Tallinn, European Cultural Capital 2011 !!

Keng Sen hosts a unique Talk Show at upcoming NU Peformance Festival IV which takes place from 7 to 10 November 2011. This bi-annual festival for international contemporary performance and theatre is hosted exclusively at the Sokos Hotel Viru. In the light of the festivities related to Tallinn European Capital of Culture 2011, NU Performance Festival IV has invited artistic contributions that revolve around the idea and practice of hospitality.

On 10 November from 7pm, Keng Sen, together with Belgian dramaturge Elke Van Campenhout, will be at bar Bogart of the Sokos Hotel Viru, for a very particular talk show.

In the course of five hours, the GIFT SHOW brings together festival artists and a group of local artists and thinkers to create a hospitable and relaxed space for reflection, talk, and entertainment. Based on the most basic principle of hospitality, guests and hosts exchange gifts and talk, entering into a merry- go-round of conversation settings. For this evening, the bar is turned into a meeting space for strangers, picking up on their experiences of the festival, the hotel, the city, the artistic life, the world economy, and anything else that binds us together. But what is it that we have to give to the other? When does a gift become poisoned or simply misunderstood? And where do we go from there?

Event Details :
Talk show
Bar Bogart, 2nd floor

Date & TIme : 10 November 2011 / 7pm

At the same time, Keng Sen leads a lab comprising a group of emerging artists coming from a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies) during the week-long festival. The participants will make a journey bound to questions of intercultural encounter. With the international hotel as a backdrop, the group questions the notions of hospitality as a gesture that is strongly formatted by globalization and economic estrangement.

Following this, the participants will present works that are created in the week-long lab.

Event Details :
Hotel room, 9th floor / Public areas in the hotel on different floors
Creation and performance: Oshin Albrecht (BEL), Vicente Arlandis (ESP), Caroline Daish (AUS), Robin Fauré (GPR), Elise Goldstein (USA), Marilyne Grimmer (FRA), Aleksandra Janeva (MKD), Margareth Kaserer (DEU), Carlotta Scioldo (ITA)

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The Continuum: Beyond The Killing Fields makes its Brazilian premiere this October and November 2011! First conceived and directed by Artistic Director Ong Keng Sen in 2001, the production will embark on a three-city tour of Brazil: Rio de Janeiro (Festival Panorama), Belo Horizonte (Fórum Internacional de Dança) and Sao Paulo. We will share with the Brazilian public this moving documentary-performance on Cambodian artists who survived the Khmer Rouge regime; and draw parallels with Brazil’s cultural memories and history as the country prepares to host the World Cup in 2014 and Olympics in 2016.

CONNECT, CONNECT …. our artistic director ONG Keng Sen alongside Alain Platel, Rene Pollesch and Philippe Quesnes, will be mentors to new productions, each realised by two artists who have not worked together previously. Keng Sen has selected Rani Nair and Mia Habib, both choreographers and dancers residing in Malmö/Oslo. Their new work will premiere at The SPIELART Munich Theater Festival in November 2011.

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Artistic Director ONG Keng Sen is dramaturg to an upcoming production in New York City, namely STELLA by Muna Tseng Dance Projects. STELLA was first presented under our Product Development Residency programme as a work-in-progress at 72-13, our home space, in October 2006. STELLA will be staged from 5 to 7 May 2011 at Danspace Project.

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Read writer Brian McCormick's preview of STELLA here

Artistic Director, ONG Keng Sen will be in conversation with Jonas Hassan Khemiri at the forum festwochen ff, which is part of the Festwochen in Vienna in June 2011. Entitled "Survival Strategies", forum festwochen will employ artistic-discursive and performative formats to explore the question of how (and whether) artists and cultural workers survive dwindling resources, new redistribution struggles, dying institutions and climate change.

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Artistic Director ONG Keng Sen will be delivering a keynote address at Transcultural. Transnational. Transformation. seeing, writing and reading performance across cultures 2011 from 28 June to 1 July 2011 at Monash University. Jointly organised by the Australasian Association for Theatre Drama and Performance Studies (ADSA) and Monash University, the conference seeks to act as a forum to explore, bring together and / or set in opposition inter-, intra- and cross-cultural performances, performativities, receptions of performance, visions, borrowings, understandings, practices, theories and ethical ponderings about performance.

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Our Artistic Director, ONG Keng Sen will speak at EXPLORATIONEN 11 - Beyond Curating,
a conference on curation of dance, performance and visual arts. It will gather leading international curators, dance-makers and theoreticians to investigate new strategies and approaches in knowledge transfers between dance, performance and visual arts.

28 – 30 January 2011
PACT Zollverein / CZ NRW, Bullmannaue 20a, 45327 Essen
Organised by tanzplan essen 2010


Artistic Director ONG Keng Sen is one the four invited international artists to present in HOTEL EUROPA in Copenhagen from 18 to 22 January 2011. Presented by The Republique.



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