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Stretch your creativity in creative 3D exploration sessions led by renown Singapore architects like Richard Ho.

Absorb video gaming with Singapore's, collaborate as a group to explore the space provided by computer games as a medium of expression and explore the gaming space as a platform for a cross-disciplinary collaborative work.

Practice ancient Thai traditional painting processes with Bangkok's classical Thai painter Sakarin Krue-On. Mod or d & d or meditate away with Thai classical painting.

By Tsunamii.Net

A 48-Hour Workshop Community
(Limited to 15 Participants)

Fri. 1 Oct. 8pm >>> Sun. 3 Oct. 8pm

The Expression of Computer Games

In recent years, computer games have become a new form of dramatic storytelling. Today, the general public has access to many computer game making tools. This provides an opportunity for those involved in the arts to exploit the medium.

Gaming tools such as those provided in Warcraft allow people to customize and create gaming spaces for people to interact. This allows games to be stages in which unique and different dramatic situations can be played out.

The recent release of a set of gaming tools from the game Neverwinter Nights has provided an opportunity to re-look the possibilities provided by computer games. Neverwinter Nights is a computer version of the popular role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. It is, in effect, a modernized version of oral storytelling. With these tools, it is now possible for us to express the complex narrative and characters through the medium of a computer game.

Our focus will be on the “game-making process” where participants can share their own readings of computer games. To that end, the conceptual discussion about how games function can run alongside a practical demonstration of how games can be customized to each user’s taste. This workshop will introduce participants to computer games, help them understand the mechanics of games, modifying existing games, and hopefully, help participants to start thinking about using games as a legitimate form of expression.

The workshop and will collaborate as a group to explore the space provided by computer games as a medium of expression.

Explore the gaming space (conceptually and through hands on experience) as a platform for a cross-disciplinary collaborative work.


Theory of Game Design

Culture and Games

  • Explore the cultural preferences in games.
  • Introduction to single and multiple perspectives.
  • Discussion about the difference between gamers in Asia and West.

Games and politics

  • Games in the post 9/11 world, such as MS Flight Simulator, Command and Conquer: Red Alert.
  • Introduction to ‘controversial’ games like America’s Army, Special Force, etc.
  • Discuss the appropriateness of using games as recruitment tools for fighting forces.
    Games and Genres
  • Introduction into the different genres of games.
  • Discussion about genre and its limitations.

Rules of the Game

  • Every game has rules, and many existing games are based upon a set which was created to tell stories based on Western mythology, such as the Greek and Norse legends, or the Lord of the Rings-type fantasy worlds.
  • Can these rules be easily exported to tell the Asian stories?
  • Introduce the concept of stats, or numbers. In a game, it is important to be able to break ideas down into numbers. This is understandable, since modern role-playing games have their roots in wargaming.
  • However, are stats limiting? What other ideas from other fields, such as dance, sculpture, and so on, can influence the gaming form?

Games and Modding Communities

  • Introduce modding and John Carmack
  • What is ‘open source’?
  • Introduce the different types of modding, in games like Quake, Half-Life, Sims, etc.
  • Talk about Legality issues


The Skills of Game Design

Introduction to Modding tools

  • The participants will be introduced to the idea of modifying (modding) and existing game into an unique piece of work.
  • will demonstrate using Unreal, Warcraft, and Quake.

By Sakarin Krue-On
(Limited to 20 Participants)

Sat. 2 Oct.



Introduction to Thai traditional painting (slideshow)
Introduction to materials and preparation


Surface priming (tempera on board) demonstration Hands-on practice


Tempera preparation demonstration
Hands-on practice



Sun. 3 Oct.



Practicing Thai traditional painting using traditional painting process


Practicing Thai traditional painting using traditional
painting process

Demonstration of Gold leaf application and technique of using natural materials in thai traditional painting

Hands-on practice

(Students can keep their own paintings)

By Hans Brouwer,
Richard Ho,
Tan Kok Hiang,
Marie Warner Wong
Yip Yuen Hong

“Creative 3-D Exploration Workshops”
(4 single session Workshops, Maximum 8 participants each session)

Sat. 2 Oct.
12pm-6pm 1 single session
6pm–12am 2 single sessions

Sun. 3 Oct.
1pm-6pm 1 single session

Those interested in The Public's Choice or the workshops (, Richard Ho & Sakarin Krue-On) can email: before 1 Oct.


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