Curated by Ong Keng Sen
1 to 3 October 2004 | The Arts House

Insomnia48 is a non-stop 48-hour event of performance, clubbing, music, happenings, videos, installations, ateliers, workshops and social interactions. The audience is invited to join the completely free event (there are no catches!) from friday 8 pm to sunday 8 pm.

Insomnia48 also happens to be the opening event of SENI!
Make The Arts House your new home for 48 hours, dream new dreams, be part of a bold relaxed community.

As the hours unfold, the myriad colours shift from fashion to hard-core tattoo artists [Jogjakarta's Venzha and The House of Natural Fiber] who generate soundscapes through electromagnetic waves while tattooing (not for the faint hearted!).

Come midnight, visit the eerie video retrospective of Chiangmai's Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook who reads to corpses in mortuaries; as the first rays of sunlight appear the video exhibition will fade away.

Make your own Music Videos with Singapore's very own KYTV [Kill Your Television], record your own song or choose from a template of indie music, you will be taught how to sing the songs and then you will be filmed in your fantasy environment, chill out in the early morning hours to your own music video.

Stumble into a river cruise or yoga at 6 in the morning and be rewarded at Break Fast with nasi lemak and steaming hot coffee.

Follow special guests Jogjakarta's Teater Garasi/Jompet as they end their trilogy of performances in the sunset.

At 8 pm Sunday, join all artists for The Insomnia Banquet by the Singapore River with Bandung's video and sound artists Biosampler who not only creates total environments but also makes super cool music videos.

Everybody is invited.

Visual artists who began from painting but are now exploring different communication strategies with their audience, searching for interactions, which transcend ART. Sign up early for workshop communities.

Absorb video gaming with Singapore's Tsunamii or ancient technologies with Bangkok's classical thai painter Sakarin Krue-On. Mod or d & d or meditate away with thai classical painting.

Be a part of the gaming community in Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s old office (presided over by a new painting by Singapore’s Lim Kok Boon).

Track Bandung’s pop icon Ripple Magazine as they make their 48-hour magazine of insomnia48: photos, merchandise, reportage – with you in it.

Visit artist's ateliers as they intimately share their work with you: Jogjakarta’s Agung Kurniawan. Discover Singapore's hot new talent who is taking the painting scene of New York City by storm: Su-en Wong.

Or stretch your creativity in creative 3D exploration sessions led by renown Singapore architects like Richard Ho.

Best of all, occupy The Arts House, it is your house for 48 hours.

Revel in plasma screens in The Arts House – re-imagine Jakarta with its youthful inhabitants, our neighbouring world megapolis, a city with over 20 million people. Through the video art of Ruangrupa, Jakarta remains ever fractured, glorious, tortured and fascinating.

Visit the Joei Apichatpong Focus, winner of this year's Cannes Special Jury Prize. This Bangkok film-maker's work and vision crosses often into visual arts and draws strength from its hybrid identity.

Curate your own film festival in The Public's Choice in the Screening Room. Fantasize in The Arts House’s gallery with Strictly Ballroom. Here, professional ballroom dancers will teach you how to dance for free. Bring your heels and join the public ball.

For once, the public is king in Insomnia48, curated by Ong Keng Sen and produced by TheatreWorks.

Those interested in The Public's Choice or the workshops (Tsunamii, Richard Ho, Sakarin & RpMerleon) can email:

1 - 30 Sep, Insomnia48 already begins with public outreach workshops by Chiangmai's art collective Zog Zag Village as they play football with Singapore's heartland, organise thai cookouts, fashion shows, birdsong imitation contests around the city.

Oct 2, Live streaming with 'Sleepless in Singapore' hosted and guided by Insomnia48's curator Ong Keng Sen from 10 pm to 4 am. A virtual tour with Insomnia48 artists and the public onsite. Watch it from the comfort of your homes on

Or catch it in Thai in Bangkok, broadcast on AboutTV, Thailand's independent art channel.


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