From Identity to Mondialisation: TheatreWorks 25

The book From Identity to Mondialisation: TheatreWorks 25, celebrates the company and offers a glimpse into the journey that Singapore’s longest established theatre company has taken since it was set up in 1985.

In particular, the book focuses on the company's approach into worlds-creating with friends all over the world, beyond cultural and ethnic identity. As opposed to globalisation (one world), the company has preferred an approach of multiplicity and plurality.

It attempts to journey beyond identity politics and nationalisation into open spaces of idealism. The art of TheatreWorks continues to prioritise an expanding process of human relationships rather than the unitotality of globalisation.

The book is currently available at retail price of S$90 (incl GST) at:

  • Times The Bookshop
  • Books Kinokuniya
  • 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Home of TheatreWorks

Also available online at:

  • Amazon
  • Select Books


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