What would happen to CAP after the year? Would the local community continue with the process and the work started with the Asian artists? Will the local community continue to engage with the aims set out for Documenting the Narratives for instance? Who will be and should anyone from the local community be tasked to continue leading this? How do we ensure continuity of interface?

"We probably need more than a year to fully ensure some kind of sustainability of the project.”

"We will need to establish a system of sustainability within the local community itself.”

"We will have to identify key individuals from the various segments of the community as possible leaders to take over our roles in facilitating the on-going process of cultural documentation and heritage reflection. This will allow for a greater sense of empowerment within the local community. We’ve to think about how we can erase our footprints even as we work with them. We cannot and must not determine what and how they should think about their own tradition.”

"We must also be acutely aware that culture and tradition is not static. Even without our presence, the local community and the cultural landscape will be evolving with the external and environmental factors.”

"We can provide space for comparison. We can raise questions and hopefully expose the local community to other possibilities. They will have to make the decision what to do and which direction to take for their own future.”


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