Conceived & curated by Ong Keng Sen

Associate Director/Dramaturg: Low Kee Hong

Project Director: Tay Tong

Project Manager: Lok Meng Chue

Archivist: Vivian Lee

Publicity: Traslin Ong

Technical Support: Lennie Lee

Education and Outreach: Ong Soo Mei

Committee for the Revival of Phralam Phalak Royal Ballet Theatre of Luang Prabang:

Mr Manivong Khattignarath, grand master choreographer, adviser

Mr Sayphet Khamphasit, grand master producer, president

Mr Thongchanh Souksavad, grand master of Nyak dance, vice president

Mr Koun Chanthaboupha, executive vice president

Mr Pheui Kammapadit, grand master of Thao and Nang Keo dance, member

Mr Bounthanh Manivanh, grand master of Hanuman and Ling dance, member

Mr Khongvandy Mitthiyaphone, deputy head of Fine Arts and Handicraft Division, Institute of Cultural Research (ICR) of Luang Prabang, coordinator

Mr Chanpeng Phattaphanh , Director of Museum, Luang Prabang

Honorary advisor

Mr Houmphanh Rattanavong, Director of ICR (retired)

Children's Cultural Centre

Mr Bounkkong Khuthtao, Deputy Director, Dept of Information and Culture, Luang Prabang

Mr Sisavath Nhilatchay, Director, Children's Cultural Centre

Participating artists for The Flying Circus - The Mekong Diaries include:

  • Wen Hui
    (Choreographer and dancer from Beijing)
  • Mugiyono Kasido
    (Javanese mask dancer, contemporary dancer and choreographer from Solo)
  • Cecilia Arriola a.k.a Geejay
    (Educational theatre artist and activist from Davao City)
  • Pichet Klunchun
    (Thai mask dancer, contemporary dancer and choreographer from Bangkok)
  • Wu Wenguang
    (Beijing documentary filmmaker from Beijing)
  • Maya Rao
    (Kathakali performer and contemporary actress, New Delhi)
  • Angel Shaw
    (Documentary film-maker from New York City-Manila)
  • Wu Shih Wen
    (Contemporary theatre actress from Taipei working in ritual theatre, movement and song)
  • Jason Lai
    (TV documentary maker, Singapore)
  • I Wayan Sadra
    (Gamelan and Contemporary Composer, music director, musician from Solo)

With special thanks to Lynn Szwaja, Joan Shigekawa, Tomas Ybarra-Frausto, Ralph Samuelson and Cecily Cook


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