Trojan Women By Euripides Adapted by Jean-Paul Sartre

The play opens at dawn after the sacking of Troy by the Greeks in the famous Wooden Horse episode.  The Trojan women are gathered together in grief and fear.  In quick succession, Hecuba, queen of Troy, encounters her daughter Cassandra, beloved virgin of the god Apollo, now to be used in King Agamemnon’s bed; Andromeda, her son Hector’s wife; and Helen, the woman who launched a thousand ships against Troy.  Through the fates and sorrows of these women, Euripedes creates one of the greatest indictments against war’s terrors and futilities.

Ong Keng Sen

Assistant Director
Lok Meng Chue

Boon Teo

Kathakali Choreographer
Santha Bhaskar of Nrityalya Aesthetic Society

Kalyani Kausikan
Tracie Howitt

Vik Lim

Poster Design
Goh Eck Kheng

Tay Tong


Nora Samosir
Cindy Sim
Tan Kheng Hua
Kitty Barkley
Lok Meng Chue
Christine Lim
Lydia Look
Noorlinah Mohd
Rosita Ng
Noraiza Nordin
Fauziana Siebel
Lucilla Teoh
Gillian Woon
David Foster
Tim Dore
Irene Lim
Mary R Manual
Thila Nadason
Santha Bhaskar

20 June – 6 July 1991
The Quarry, Upper Bukit Timah Road

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