The 24-Hour Playwriting competition has also established itself as a fun, far-reaching event at unpredictable venues like the Zoo (1998), on board the cruise Super Star Virgo (2000), at mega furniture sture IKEA (2002) and most recently on 5 & 6 July, at the Singapore turn Club amidst exciting horse racing. It has attracted aspiring playwrights ranging from advertising executives, students, teachers, engineers, lawyers, consultants, homemakers to business development managers. This fun element gives playwriting a unique profile and reflects TheatreWorks' commitment to nurture new playwrights and Singapore writing by making playwriting and creativity a major part of people's lives.

This year's winners for the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition are:

1st Prize ($500 + Individual Plaque)

Benzie Dio
Winning Entry - "Odds": In a promotion interview, Steve's boss grills him with a barrage of demanding questions which Steve has no answers for. What are the odds that Steve will get the job?

2nd Prize ($300 + Individual Plaque)

Jocelyn Chau Lay Hong
Winning entry - "home & Station": Through the transportation of a precious painting, the play explores the destruction of humanity and culture in the name of modernization.

3rd Prize ($200 + Individual Plaque)

Marcus Lim Jiing-Xian
Winning entrty- "Beckett's Last Stand": What if Sam Beckett had never been stabbed outside a Café in Paris, if he had never seen war, if he had remained in Ireland... Would we have ever heard of him?


Merit Prizes ($100 + Individual Plaque)

OwYongMunfei Rannie
Winning entry - "The Beautiful Art of Doing Nothing": A man seeks the ideal lifestyle on a getaway holiday only to discover that living is not an easy art.

CarolynMarcia camoens
Winning entry - "In Art Veritas": Artists' woes explored through the relationship of a pair of siblings who are both actors.

WoonChet Choon
Winning entry - "Turf war": A family races against time to raise funds and save their horse track from an unscrupulous developer and his evil kakis.



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