Not Afraid to Remember

Written by Kim Ramakrishnan, Not Afraid To Remember is about how a woman stood up against unbearable odds and cruelty for the sake of her fellow man.  It focuses on the internment of Singapore teacher and politician, Elizabeth Choy, by the Japanese during the Occupation in the 1940s.  It is a play of essences rather than one concerning polemics and deals in a spare fashion with strength under extreme pressure.  The action centres on the interrogations, some real, some imagined, which took place.  It conveys in simple images the strong beliefs held by both Choy and the Japanese.  It is a work about unbending faith and courage.

Kim Ramakrishnan

Lim Siauw Chong

Justin Hill

Kalyani Kausikan

Roland Samosir

Teo Swee Leng


Irene Lim
Lim Kay Siu
Anita Fam
Keith Wiltshire
Felix Lee
George Lee
Jenina Gill
Lee Weng Kee
David Tay
Alphonsus Chung
Tay Hock Boon
Audrey Koh
Hassan Othman
Tan Wee Khoon
Ian Lim
Tan Yang Po
Verena Tay
Ho Soo Kit
Kala Nair
Harris Jahim
Roslan Bin Mohd Daud
Harlina Basri
Mildred Tan
Azlee Daud

23 – 26 October 1986
The Drama Centre


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