Education + Outreach 2006

S E A S O N 0 6
Connecting Through Creativity

Making a piece of theatre brings together the talents and creativity of the makers in the team. From brainstorming, conception, exploration, structuring, rehearsing to production, the creative process is ever vibrant. .

We are pleased to share with you our multi-approach to creativity at Theatreworks E and O. Besides our comprehensive theatre programmes, we also offer arts camps, applied theatre programmes and talks for learning history, languages, social studies, presenting independent project work or even just to build the confidence of the individual. The themes and aims of each programme are carefully conceptualized with input from the partners we work with.

With - us, you can be rest assured that the curriculum and programme are conceptualized, tailored and delivered by a team of very experienced theatre practitioners and educators – Noorlinah Mohamed, Debbie Armstrong, Julius Foo, Serena Ho, Fanny Kee, Lee Weng Kee, Jean Ng and Wendy Ng. We believe that every individual is an unique being. The drama/theatre workshops and plays are structured and tailored for the development of the individuals and companies.

In 2006, we will embrace new technology by also going into web performances! Together at our new venue 72-13, Mohamed Sultan Road, we are also able to offer more creativity encounters with independent creatives - graphic, media, sound artists, architects, doctors, cooks… We believe that creativity is in everyone. And when given the right conditions and stimuli, individuals will emerge with creative ideas and new perspective of the world around us.

So what is creativity? How does one become more creative? How can creativity help in everyday life?

Creativity for us is about the “what ifs”. Exploring the ‘could be’, the ‘might be’, the impossible… Thinking out of the usual track, leaving no stones unturned and looking at the world with new perspectives. Join us to embrace the brave new world!

Jeffrey Tan
Associate Artistic Director (Education & Outreach)

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