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GREETINGS As we move into the third year of full-time Education & Outreach (E & O) work, we must thank the various principals, teachers, artists and organisations for the trust and support in our artistic and educational work. As an educator, you will understand the importance of exposure and experience. Learning these days has to be done in a creative way for teachers to engage and inspire our students.

Theatre offers a wide range of invaluable assets in the area of divergent thinking, challenging perceptions, creative learning and emotional understanding. We believe in developing continual partnerships rather than the one-off workshops, only then we are able to formulate a progressive theatre programme to train and manage your drama club or introduce theatre into the school curriculum.

As Associate Artistic Director of TheatreWorks E & O, I ensure that our programmes are conducted by our team of trainers who are experienced theatre practitioners and educators. We also provide a safe learning environment for all participants to explore creativity, make meaning and engage in life long active learning. By traveling to international educational theatre conferences, I am able to learn and share the work we do here in Singapore.

At the 5th International Drama/Theatre Education Conference in Ottawa, Canada, July 2004, I presented two papers ‘Directing in Singapore Schools’ and ‘One Island’ our Theatre-In-Education programme exploring Active Citizenship. It was heartwarming to see the immense interest and
feedback for our educational work here in Singapore!

With the 2005 season, we present 5 plays tailored for touring to schools for the entire year. A new play Friends Forever and the musical on Racial Harmony Common Corridor will tour Primary schools while, Family, One More Chance and our Theatre-In–Education programme ‘One Island’ will tour Secondary schools. All our touring plays come with a “Teacher’s Pack” for teachers to do follow up work after the performances. For our Acting, Playwriting, Production, Directing workshops and camps, we have included the tentative content to give you an idea of the progressive developmental work we will do with your students. Be assured that the contents for each workshop will be tailored to the experience and responses of your students.

For teachers or companies who are keen on training, we have the educational theatre training ‘Springboard’ workshops and our special ‘Applied Theatre’ workshops to meet your school’s or organisational needs - be it about caring or exploring your school’s or company’s core values. At TheatreWorks E & O, we are also able to conceptualise, produce and direct commissions for special events and programmes.

Finally, we hope that teachers and students can play an active part either as an intern or volunteer for their Community Involvement Project. Join any of our creative programmes! For Socrates once said “An unexplored life is not worth living.” Take the imaginative flight with us! Explore, Experience, Create!

Jeffrey has over 16 years of directing, writing and teaching experience for children, youths and adults since directing his first sold out play “School” in 1989. During his National Service with the Singapore Armed Forces Music and Drama Company, Jeffrey got a grant from the National Arts Council and disrupted service to finish his BA (Drama). Since returning to Singapore in 1996, he has worked as Resident Director with The Theatre Practice (1997 to 1998), Drama Lecturer, Acting Head of School at LASALLE-SIA, School of Drama (1998 to 2001).

In 2002, Jeffrey joined TheatreWorks (S) Ltd as the Associate Artistic Director, to head the Education & Outreach unit. He has since created and taught the majority of the educational programmes (both theatre skills and applied theatre) to both schools and corporate organisations like the National Library Board. Some of the plays Jeffrey directed for TheatreWorks include Marriage of Inconvenience, No Parking on Odd Days, One Island, Bully Billie, Footprints in the Sand, Love, Lust & Infatuation, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar – The Diabetes Story. Jeffrey has also directed numerous Dramatised Reading of the Singapore Young Dramatist Awards, 24-hr Playwriting Competition and TheatreWorks Greenhouse new plays. Jeffrey was also Artistic Director for ‘ARTy pARTy - the Central Singapore District Arts Festival’ for 2002/2003.

Currently Jeffrey also sits on the National Arts Council’s Singapore Arts Festival Programming Committee (2003/4) and is the President and co-founder of the Singapore Drama Educators Association.

Our Other Trained and Experienced Facilitators Noorlinah Mohamed, Jean Ng, Fanny Kee, Lee Weng Kee, Debbie Armstrong, Serena Ho, Dorothy Png and Colin Ho

Mr. Jeffrey Tan

Ms. Janice Seah

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